Apex Legends Season 5: New Legends And Characters Coming To Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 will no doubt bring a new legend in the next season - Season 4 saw the introduction of the badass robot assassin Revenant.

But there are a few issues because we're still waiting for two legends that were rumoured to arrive in the previous season that we still have yet to encounter - Forge and Rosie.

Players were stripped of the opportunity to play as Forge thanks to Revenant killing him, but players are expecting he's returning in Season 5 for the greatest comeback story in video game history.

It also leaves questions about Rosie/Loba - who is potentially seen in the Season 4 trailer.

So who are the new legends coming to Season 5? Here's what we know.

New Characters And Legends

There's still a lot of questions surrounding the two forgotten legends of Season 4 - Forge And Rosie/Loba.

During Season 4 these two legends were rumoured to join the fight - along with Revenant. However, we're quite some time into the new season and we've yet to see them.

Whoever takes the throne as Apex's latest champion, will no doubt have a score to settle with the demonic android.


Known as the "Augmented Brawler", Forge was originally meant to be the new Legend for S4, however, he was assassinated by the enigmatic Revenant.

apex legends season 5 forge
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For many, his inclusion was all but certain as he is categorised in the game files under 'season4chars'.It could be great storytelling and he is likely to join us towards the back end of the season, or he may have been pushed back to Season 5; due to fan demand for Revenant.

Forge's abilities are as follows:

  • Pull Shot: Short-range grapple that pulls enemies into you or can be used to launch yourself into the air.
  • Ground Slam: Press crouch while airborne to slam into the ground below.
  • K.O. Punch: Jump forward in a direction. Press crouch while airborne to slam into the ground below
  • One-Two: Bull rush in a straight line. If you hit an enemy along the way, press again to do an upper-cut launching you into the air.
  • On The Ropes: Enhances your melee to do more damage the lower your health is. Dealing melee damage gives you temporary overshield.
  • Victory Rush: Killing a player with a melee attack restores your health and gives you a 30% speed boost for 10 seconds

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Rosie was initially rumoured to be the new character's name, believed to be Watson's tutor. Bur, after Revenant's bloody introduction, people believe she is actually Loba (the little girl in the Revenant trailer).

Here are her proposed abilities:

  • Eye for quality: Loba (Rosie) can see through walls and can open up hidden compartments in loot bins.
  • Supply for demand: Hold (button) to choose a type of loot. Reveal what type of loot in the area through walls
  • Burglar's best friend: Throw a disc and teleport to that location.
  • Black Market Boutique: Place a device that can steal all nearby loot

This character sounds like it's been built for those who think of themselves as very unlucky when it comes to their loot.

We've all be in a situation whereby we land with multiple teams, run into a building in the hopes of getting a weapon only to find a bandage and getting killed straight away by someone with a fully decked out R-301 carbine and gold shields.

It will be interesting to see whether a loot-based legend will alleviate some of those problems.

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