Apex Legends Season 5: Lost Treasures Patch Notes, Legend Updates, Weapon Changes And More

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We feel that Apex Legends Season 5 is pretty well balanced as it is. Most of the characters have useful abilities and they work well with one another.

However, it's clear that certain Legends (*cough* Crypto *cough*) need a little love.

It's a credit to Respawn that it keeps on top of updates and balancing issues to keep the playing field as level as possible.

Here's the latest batch of changes that are coming with the Lost Treasures update.

Changes To Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 Lost Treasures Patch Notes
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Pretty much every Legend has some balancing changes in this update, so without further ado:


Lifeline has a new Passive; Combat Revive. This means she can deploy her D.O.C drone to revive teammates, setting up its own shield. She is now free to defend the position or revive another ally.

What's more, the cooldown on her Tactical has been reduced to 45 seconds, and we'll be getting more loot from her care packages.

Overall, her new Passive better fulfils her role as a Combat Medic, but she'll hurt from losing Fast Heal.


Changes to his Tactical Ability, Stim, mean that Octane now goes 10% faster when stimmed, and ignores/removes any movement penalties he was suffering, such as from Wattson's fences or Caustic's gas.

His Launch Pad now gives players the chance to double jump, and turn in midair for better movement.

Respawn developer Daniel Klein said this was because, in high-ranked matches, players could easily track the trajectory of Octanes and kill them before they hit the ground.


Revenant has received huge buffs to his Silence Tactical Ability, as it now cancels Pathfinder's Grapple and Wraith's Phase Walk even if they are currently active.

Silence also uncloaks a reviving Mirage, stops decoy activation, and cancels Lifeline's Combat Revive.

If that wasn't enough, the range has also been removed for Death Totem.

Revenant is quickly becoming the anti-Legend, negating so many abilities that he could be a strong pick.


Crypto's Drone now takes 1.5 seconds to deploy, one second less than previously. His Ultimate EMP blast will now disable Wattson's pylons.

Crypto players could be disappointed in these changes, as they are pretty minor. However, we'll wait and see what the Crypto Town Takeover has in store.


Loba can now use Burglar's Best Friend to teleport through Wattson's pylons. Her Ultimate, Black Market Boutique, now only picks up one full stack of ammo rather than filling a partial stack as well.

Ultimate Accelerants now fill 20% of Loba's Ultimate charge rather than 17.5%. These changes will make little difference to Loba players, but the change to her Tactical could prove especially useful.


Holding down the button to use Mirage's Tactical Ability will deploy decoys already under his control. These will also say lines when shot now.

In a slight nerf to his Passive Ability, enemies within five metres of Mirage will be able to see his holo emitters when cloaked.

Finally, when skydiving with his squad, Mirage's decoy will create decoys for all squad members.

None of these changes are particularly drastic, and Mirage players will be happy that he still remains a lot stronger than in previous seasons.


The next in a series of nerfs to Gibraltar, Fast Healing while in the Dome Shield now only heals 15% faster, rather than 25%.

On its own, this doesn't seem too bad, but Gibraltar has been on the receiving end of nerf after nerf recently, mostly due to how much versatility he offers his teammates.

We'll see if he remains a strong choice despite everything going against him.


In what comes under the category of a "sensible change", enemies can now shoot Caustic traps to disable them, even before it is fully inflated.

This shouldn't be too surprising, and Caustic remains a very strong choice.


Watton's Pylons now last for 90 seconds, she can have up to three out at any one time, and she can also stack two Ultimate Accelerants in one inventory slot.

The developers explained their rationale for these changes, saying: "The intent of these changes is to create openings where enemies can breach Wattson positions.

"It is still possible for Wattson players to hold a position with a trophy indefinitely, but that should come at the cost of using Ultimate Accelerants."

This could be game-changing in Ranked matches where Wattson was a mainstay, and her Pylons made endgame situations very difficult. However, this change is unlikely to affect her performance in regular matches too much.


Phase Walk now takes 1.25 seconds to deploy, three times as long as previously. Her movement will be slowed by 20% during this time.

However, when Phase Walking, Wraith will get a 30% movement speed boost and can see other players in the Void. It also lasts for four seconds rather than three and has a 25-second cooldown rather than 35.

The distance of portal placement for Phase Tunnels has also been decreased by 25%.

These are some pretty huge nerfs for Wraith, but the developers again explained their reasoning: "Increasing Wraith’s tactical cooldown has proven to be ineffective at curbing her exceedingly high win rate and kill rate.

"These changes are meant to disincentivize Wraith players from using Phase Walk as a 'get out of jail free' card, and move it into more of a repositioning and scouting ability."

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Weapons And Loot Changes

Apex Legends Season 5 Lost Treasures Patch Notes
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Havoc Rifle

Respawn has greatly increased horizontal recoil in the initial shots of a burst and decreased magazine size from 32 to 28. Suddenly, the L-Star is looking pretty good...


Rechamber time has been reduced from 1.75 seconds to 1.6 seconds, and the duration it is energised for has been increased from 90 seconds to 120.

To be honest, this doesn't do a lot to make the Sentinel viable when compared to the vastly superior Longbow, but perhaps it's a better choice than the Triple Take.


There have been a lot of changes to Ziplines in this update. There is now a cooldown for regrabbing Ziplines without touching the ground, presumably to stop players from hopping to and fro.

The cooldown increases with each time the player regrabs the Zipline, but is reset as soon as they touch the ground.

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Quality Of Life Changes

Apex Legends Season 5 Lost Treasures Patch Notes
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Teammates can now ping friendly Caustic gas traps, in case you needed to for some reason.

Players also have a health bar for when they are in Revenant's Shadow form.

Finally, the map rotation times are now equal between King's Canyon and World's Edge.

There were also a host of bug fixes in this update, which you can find in the official Patch Notes.

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