Apex Legends Season 5: Leak Reveals Bloodhound And Crypto Buffs

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Apex Legends Season 5: Fortune's Favor is well underway and despite a lot of bugs, players seem to be enjoying the new season.

While we're still seeing a lot of Lobas since her introduction, some Legends are still just better than others.


However, this is an issue that the developers are looking to address, but some leaked voice lines have revealed that Bloodhound and Crypto may be getting a buff next.

As you can probably tell from our Apex Legends character tier list, they were both in need of a little push, especially Crypto to languishes in C Tier.

A word of warning: Pathfinder mains, look away now.

Buff For Bloodhound and Crypto

Apex Legends Season 5 Bloodhound and Crypto getting new buff.

Apex Legends dataminer Biast12 found these new voice lines in the game's code.

Bloodhound says, "I have located the next ring" and "the next ring is revealed."

Crypto's lines say, "Chua, I found the next ring location" and "scanning for the next ring on my mini-map".

You can hear them for yourself in their tweet.


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What Does It Mean?

Apex Legends Season 5 Bloodhound and Crypto buffs.

If you still aren't sure what this means, the lines in the code are called "diag_mp_bloodhound_bc_surveyBeaconScan_solo_01_01_1p.wav" and "diag_mp_crypto_bc_surveyBeaconScan_solo_01_01_1p.wav".

Yes, Bloodhound and Crypto are taking their positions as recon characters and will be able to access the Survey Beacons.

These were previously only able to be used by Pathfinder, who finds his usefulness further degraded in Season 5.

A severe nerf to the robot's Tactical Ability - increasing the recharge on the grappling hook from 15 seconds to 35 seconds - has left it in a precarious spot. This just exacerbates the issues.


While this buff won't do a great deal to improve Bloodhound and Crypto, it does give them an extra use - if a little situational.

Knowledge of where the ring is headed could prove vital in Apex Legends matches, so head to the rooftops and boot up the Survey Beacons.