Apex Legends Season 5: What We Want To See - New Legends, Character Updates And Nerfs

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Since we're almost half-way through Apex Legends Season 4, we're taking a moment to think about what we'd like to see added, removed or changed in Season 5.

Season 4 saw a new weapon in the Sentinel and a new Legend in Revenant.


A number of rumours and leaks failed to come to fruition in the latest season, so will they arrive in the next?

Here's what we want to see in Season 5 of Apex Legends.

Nerf Gold Armour And Gold Knock Down Shields

You and the squad find yourself in a 3v3 battle, you nail some sick wingman shots, crack the shields of two players and immediately call to push.

The problem is, by the time you are close enough to finish the fight, your opponent has popped a battery, fully healed and slaps you in the face for 120 with a peacekeeper - he laughs, you cri.

Sure, gold armour is fun if you're the one in possession, but the sheer speed of the recharge rate needs to be lowered to make the battle more balanced all around.

The frustration of having to deal almost double the damage to kill a gold armoured player, due to the fast healing capacity, prolongs fights longer than necessary; leading to dreaded third party situations.



The solution? Lower the recharge rate, or increase the rarity by making it map drop only. Make players and teams fight for the right to be the golden clad monster - don't just gift it to those who land on the loot bin of destiny.

As for the knockdown shields, I feel the ability to self res should be cancelled during the final circle. If you watch competitive play, you'll understand how a knocked player can survive the final circle by being able to self res and outlast the final 'alive' player.

This is an anticlimactic way to end any game and should reward the player doing damage, not cowering behind the cover of his shiny best friend.

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Adjust The Scout Fire Rate/Damage Per Bullet

The scout did undergo a rework of sorts in the most recent Apex Legends Patch. However, did this go far enough to stop the ultimate harassment weapon? No.


The rate of fire is still too high and with a 3x scope the scout performs just like it did pre-patch.


You might not have the range you once did, but it is still more than viable to use at a range where you have no intention of pushing a team.

Simply reduce the rate of fire, or the damage dealt per bullet to make it still a useful option - but not one that will have you unable to fight back against at range.

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Rework Revenant

When the Season 4 trailer dropped, everyone was jumping out of their seats with the introduction of Revenant to the legend selection screen.


His trailer was one that made him feel genuinely scary - a heartless, death craving cyborg demon that only enjoyed one thing - killing others.

But in reality, his character is lacking in anything that backed up the hype. So how do we make Revenant as scary in-game as he is out of it? His abilities need a serious rework.

His Tactical ability 'Silence' prevents the use of other characters abilities for a short time - good in the theory, but in practice, it doesn't affect a fight enough.

Add a stunning feature to the projectile, increase the range of the effect and we have a genuine 'Bunker Busting' character on our hands.


His ultimate 'Totem Pole' also could use a serious buff. Once it's dropped, the idea is you can push a team without fearing death. But with only 100 Health to play with, death feels inevitable anyway. After being tickled by the Peacekeeper, you're left with just 1HP to try and escape.

Make the initial HP 150 from the totem pole, which is the equivalent to having a white shield in a battle to at least give teams a fighting chance – as long as every player has a white shield to begin with.


Players should also receive 50 HP upon exit, without shields - this means they will still be vulnerable to snipers or retaliation if you make a meal of the first engagement.

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Let Forge Have His Revenge

Forge had all too short a career in Apex Legends. We met him, learnt he liked to punch stuff and then learnt he was vulnerable to Revenant sneaking up behind him with some cold hard steel.

I for one was excited to use Forge, only for my hopes to be dashed at the hands of our red skull-faced friend.

Give us Forge in Season 5 and let the punch out battle commence and at the end of the game, decide who is champion between the two; it's the least he deserves.