Apex Legends Season 5: Battle Pass Changes That NEED To Be Made

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Apex Legends Season 4 is drawing to a close, which can only mean one thing - Season 5 is right around the corner, bringing an all-new Battle Pass, with new missions and rewards to boot.

Don't panic if you've still not finished the Season 4 Battle Pass - you've still got a little bit of time if you can squeeze in the time to grind out some matches.


While rumours of the next Legend to enter the fray continue to circulate, we're looking forward to what the next Battle Pass may have in store. Here are the changes we'd like to see:

Battle Pass And Map Rotation Alignment

In Season 4, we saw the return of King's Canyon in a move to appease players who were missing the classic map. However, games rotate between the available maps.

This all seems fine, but lots of missions that rewarded big Battle Pass experience relied on completing tasks in certain areas of certain maps.

This impacted people who could only play at certain times, for instance when they get home from work. All their games would end up being on the same maps due to the rotation system and therefore some challenges were impossible to complete.

It seems like something wasn't quite thought through with this system, and we're expecting big changes in Season 5. Either to the Battle Pass missions or to the rotation system.

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Crossover Skins

Bring us back some cool looks in Apex Legends Season 5 Battle Pass!

Remember the devastating Iron Crown event? Pay-to-play issues aside, the skins available for that event looked superb.

Mirage's not-Captain-Jack-Sparrow and Wraith's not-Danaerys-Targaryen were personal favourites, but Pathfinder's cool spindly effort and Bloodhound's gladiatorial garb also looked spectacular.

We're not saying that we disliked the skins since it's just that none have made the same impact. Crossovers in style, genre, and culture would look really cool - making sure to stop before the Fortnite-esque Marvel cameos, however.

It would be a gesture of good faith to players who have stuck around to bring more cool skins to the Battle Pass in Season 5.


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Fewer Repeat Rewards

What, may I ask, is the point of offering a reward for an average-looking R99 skin at around Level 30 of the Battle Pass when there is a gorgeous golden one at Level 100?

Yes, some players may not reach it, and others may even prefer it, but it seems redundant.

Fewer repeat rewards would mean fewer levels where it seems like players have pointlessly levelled up and it has gone unrewarded. Even Apex Packs are better than that.

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Something New

We're hoping EA innovate in the Apex Legends Season 5 Battle Pass.

Last of all, we'd love to see something new from Apex Legends. Something really innovative, like when the game was first released.

We were so excited about sliding down hills at swinging on grappling hooks, but the community is a little more jaded these days.

Perhaps a Battle Pass is the way to reinvigorate the game and introduce something new to the Season structure that so many games follow these days. Surprise us, EA, and make it a nice surprise.