King's Canyon Returning In Apex Legends Season 4 With World's Edge

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After a Season-long hiatus, the original map 'Kings Canyon' will make a triumphant return in the later installments of Season 4.

The map was taken out in Season 3 for World's Edge, but the two will now work in tandem during this season.

What Is King's Canyon?

King's Canyon was the original map within Apex Legends that was used to do battle - running from Pre-Season to Season 2.

Located on the planet Solace, it featured an abundance of areas varying from military facilities to slums, with a river dividing it down the middle.

If you're unlucky enough to venture off the map's edge, you will plummet to the sea down below.

High tier loot areas are mainly located on the outer edges of the map with middle to low focusing in the centre.

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When Will King's Canyon Return To Apex Legends?

The map will make a permanent return later down the line, during Season 4 - rather than the few cameos prior in limited-time modes.

The map rotation will be split into two halves, with World's Edge taking the first shift and King's Canyon fulfilling the second.

World's Edge will feature from the 4th February until 23rd March 2020.

King's Canyon will then take over and act as the destination for battles from the 24th March to the 4th May 2020.

When Will Season 4 Release?

Season 4 for Apex Legends launched on the 4th February 2020 at 18:00 GMT

You can read everything about it here.

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