Apex Legends Season 4 – Did Crypto get a secret buff?

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Apex Legends Season 4 has been going for a couple of weeks now, but fans might have spotted something curious within the game.

Despite Revenant being the game's big new addition, it looks like Season 3's Crypto has got a hefty boost.

While we have no patch notes to confirm this, the game's community seems to think Crypto's drone has received a buff that makes it tougher to shoot down.


Reddit user Piter_neo_PL posted footage on the Apex Legends subreddit of them unloading an R-99 into the drone but it was able to zoom away despite multiple hitmarkers suggesting it was taking serious damage.

You can see the footage here..

Other players have since suggested using more powerful weaponry, while one player said he shot one with the powerful Longbow rifle and still couldn't kill it.

One player posited that the orange ball around the drone can trigger hitmarkers but doesn't necessarily correlate with damage dealt to the drone itself – something Respawn might want to take a look at.