Apex Legends Season 4: Battle Pass Skins REVEALED - Here's What You Can Get

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Apex Legends has gone from strength to strength since launch and in no area is that more obvious than in the game’s battle pass.

Apex Legends Season 4 has a brand new battle pass with over 100 exclusive items.


The paid tier went live with Season 1 and offered some disappointing rewards, something that Seasons 2 and 3 built on considerably with some nifty cosmetics.

What Is In The Battle Pass For Season 4?

If you didn’t know, Apex Legends offers multiple visual customisation options that players unlock through levelling up their Battle Pass.

While some are obvious, like character dialogue and skins, some can really add some creative flair - like dive trails that are visible when descending onto the map.


The battle pass for each season costs 950 Apex Coins, the game’s premium currency, and we’d imagine the same will be true of Season 4’s pass.


Featured Rewards

Immediately unlock the Legendary R99: Zero Point skin and three new Epic Legends skins when you pick up the Battle Pass.

Fight through the remaining 100 levels to earn the rest of the rewards including Rare and Legendary items like the Health Drain Lifeline, Blue Steel Crypto, Cyber Punked Wattson and Heat Sink Flatline.

All Rewards In The Battle Pass

Earn over 100 items throughout the season – everything you earn before the season’s over is yours to keep, forever!

You can see what's available in all 100 tiers here.












Free Rewards

Everyone that plays Apex Legends will receive:

  • Cyber Sludge Caustic
  • Five Apex Packs
  • Season 4 Win Trackers for all Legends