Apex Legends Season 4: Battle Armor Event, Season 5 Teasers, And More

Apex Legends Season 5 has been postponed by a week and is now launching May 12. However, the team at EA and Respawn Entertainment have made sure that this week is filled with excitement.

Whether this was always planned or is a way of placating players and apologising for the minor delay, we don't know. But, to be honest, we don't care!

We'd prefer to play Season 5 the way the developers want it to be played - when it's ready - and in the meantime, we get an "evolving" Limited Time Mode and more teasers? We're on board!

So here's what we know about the Armor Event and our analysis of the latest teasers - and what both of them mean for our Apex Legends matches.

Why Was Apex Legends Season 5 Delayed?

Apex Legends Season 5 has been delayed until May 12.
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The short answer is: we don't know. Neither EA nor Respawn Entertainment has officially announced a reason for the delay.

However, we can assume that some part of the game either wasn't ready, needed last-minute changes, or was impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

In the extra week before Season 5 drops, we've got the bonus Armor Event we can enjoy - and it gives us more time to speculate what all the teasers could mean! The anticipation is killing us!

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What Is The Armor Event?

Apex Legends Armor Event Limited Time Mode available now!
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The biggest news from the Apex Legends team is the Armor Event, a brand-new Limited Time Mode. However, that's not even the most exciting part, as this event "evolves" as time goes on!

Here's the Apex Legends team to explain how it works:

“Throughout the last year, we’ve heard many fun ideas from our fans about different ways to play Apex Legends.

“One of my favourites has been suggested countless times, and even more so when we introduced the Evo Shields in The System Override Event.

“The Battle Armor event takes place on World’s Edge and will evolve over 14 days in the lead up to Season 5, with a new twist on armor every few days.

“Here’s how it’ll play out: during the event rotation only one armor type will be available, and players will drop into the match with it already equipped.

“Players will also drop with a P2020. All armor will be removed from the loot pool, but shield cells and batteries, as well as all the other sweet, sweet loot, will still be available (just not armor).

“The Battle Armor Event is just one way we are going to start experimenting with the core gameplay of Apex Legends, and we’re excited to introduce even more twists in Season 5 and beyond.”

This event sounds incredibly exciting! We're starting with Grey Armor soon, and then we'll cycle through all the shields in turn. We can't wait for the Evo Shields to be equipped so we can hot drop into Fragment East and boost them all the way up.

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What Does The Latest Apex Legends Teaser Mean?

Apex Legends has its latest teaser for Season 5.
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As well as an exciting new event, we've also got a new teaser via the Apex Legends Twitter account (pictured above). The text is a leaked email from Hammond Robotics, detailing that they put Revenant into the arena to stop his faulty code from killing more innocent people.

If this is familiar, you may remember the emails from Revenant's release. The big news in this teaser is actually the Post-It notes stuck to the computer screen. We're not joking.

These show someone hacking into the emails and noting all of Revenant's abilities and the reasons for him being in the Apex Legends arena.

Many believe this to be the work of Apex Legends Season 5's new character Loba, whose parents both died at Revenant's hand. But could her hacking skills in the teaser be a snapshot of her in-game abilities? Or has she enlisted the help of Crypto?

We'll find out, but for now we know she has one thing on her mind: revenge.

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