Apex Legends: Respawn Are Removing A Single Tree

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The Apex Legends team are known for listening to the community through Reddit.

You'll find many posts with replies from devs in the Apex Legends Subreddit.


Well, once again they're listening and paying attention to something as simple as a tree.

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Single Tree Being Removed

Reddit user Kolkoin took to the Apex Subreddit to show how a single tree led to his demise.


The video below shows the player in a close-quarters fight, eventually leading to them fleeing, but sadly the tree had other plans.

Source: Reddit User Kolkoin

The post was titled "Respawn devs please remove this tree. This tree has caused so many tragedies it's not even funny".

The tree in question is placed directly next to a wall meaning if you try to run around the corner you can get stuck, which as many Apex players know, can mean life or death.


Respawn dev RSPN_Absurdist replied "o7 it will be done! (it might be a little bit before this gets in to live.. I'm sorry about that!)".

"(thank you for calling this out! It's actually really helpful to see pain points like this, since it helps guide what will need extra focus when going forward!)" he finished.

Some players were actually asking that the tree stay, but simply be removed.

This is due to many Crypto mains using trees to camouflage his drone.


It's great to see the team focusing on such small details.

As a lover of the game, I really appreciate the open communication that the devs have with players.

It's something which unfortunately isn't common with most games!

Whether the tree stays or goes, we can all the feel the pain of Redditor Kolkoin.