Apex Legends removing 'Low Profile' from the game after Pathfinder Update

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Apex Legends is still one of the biggest games in the world! With constant gameplay updates, the game still feels fresh and fun.

It seems Respawn, the developers of Apex Legends, are continuing their pursuit to make the greatest Battle Royale game.


What is Low Profile?

Low profile is a perk given to Legends with a smaller hitboxes to counter the advantage they get with their smaller size. This perk increases incoming damage by 5%

There is also another perk called Fortified that is applied to the larger Legends to give them slightly les incoming damage. 

Pathfinder Buff

In the Chaos Theory Collection Event, a certain Legend got a huge buff regarding this passive perk.


Respawn have decided to remove Low Profile from Pathfinder as his hitbox is too large to justify the negative effect of LP.

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The buff broguht much of the community out in full force asking for the perk to be removed from more characters, includng Wattson.

Daniel Klein, Lead Game Designer for Apex, said "My goal is to remove it from every character in the game eventually, but we gotta figure out how to nerf Lifeline before we can do that."


Low Profile is Gone?

Well... not yet, but shortly! 

With the comments made by Respawn, it's clear they are alongside the community in ensuring the perk is removed.

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This would give Apex a more balanced expereince and remove some of the RNG (Random Number Generator) that plagues all Battle Royale games