Apex Legends Players Discover New Octane Super Jump Glitch

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Apex Legends Season 6 is here, but it's season 1 character Octane that's in the spotlight after players discovered a new way to get his jump pad to launch him even further.

Here's all we know about the trick, which perhaps isn't all that surprising given that Octane is a character known for throwing caution to the wind.


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Apex Legends Players Discover New Octane Super Jump Glitch

Octane is focused on locomotion, and while his Stim can speed him up, it's his jump pad that we're focused on for this glitch.

As per YouTube channel KILL2BKING, the trick looks to double Octane's jump height.


Check it out below:

Rather than stepping or jumping onto the pad, players need to melee their way onto it.

It sounds bizarre, but in KILL2BKING's video, it allows Octane to reach the top of a tower, rather than just the first floor.


You can land back on the pad to get another huge jump, but while you're in the air you're likely to be vulnerable.

It could also be a little hit and miss, meaning it may not even be all that handy when retreating from a firefight.

If you're looking ahead to Season 7 of Respawn's shooter, you're in luck. 

A new bug has been displaying the Hammond Robotics logo, of Titanfall fame, in the game-world. Is it hinting at next season's content?


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