Apex Legends: Players Have Been Experiencing Audio Issues, Thumping Sound

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Season 6 is on its way and hopefully, some bug fixes will come with the update.

Many players have been experiencing some odd audio issues.


Here's everything we know.

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Thumping Sound

If you've been hearing a weird thumping sound when playing, don't worry.


You haven't been hacked, there's no one in your home and you don't need to buy a new headset.

Numerous players have taken to Reddit to ask if anyone else is experiencing this issue.

I and my friends have been actually turning it into a game, counting how thumps we hear each game.

Reddit user mercutheo posted a video to r/apexlegends, see below.


Source: u/mercutheo


Players have been experiencing this issue since the Always Be Closing Evolved event was added to the game.

Many have reported hearing this sound more in the event than any other mode.


Some think it sounds like an item being dropped, others believe its the new spitfire hop up and a few think it's the sound of being punched.

Currently, Respawn hasn't commented on the audio issue.

We hope we'll get a fix in the Season 6 update, we're all tired of getting jump scared.