Apex Legends: Olympus Gold Loot Locations, Where to Get The Best Weapons and Armour on Olympus

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Season 7 of Apex Legends didn’t just add a new Legend, but a new map too in Olympus!

Knowing where to land could be the deciding factor as to whether you win or lose the match.


Gold Items can also be one of the deciding factors in the match’s result, so you can’t always leave it up to luck.

Here are the locations which are guaranteed to drop Gold Loot on the Olympus map!

What is Gold Loot? Why Is It So Special?

Gold, or Legendary, Items are the game’s rarest, and best, variants of the gear!

When it comes to Armour, the Gold versions take on the stats of the Purple, Epic, Items and then go above and beyond with an extra little boost:

Gold Helmets

  • 50% headshot damage reduction and increased charge speed for abilities

Gold Body Shield

  • 4 Shields and they recharge automatically when you kill a downed enemy

Gold Knockdown Shield

  • 750 knockdown shield health and the ability to self revive

Gold Backpacks

  • Carry 6 extra items and healing items take half as long to use

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However, when it comes to guns, Gold Weapons are instead what is known as ‘fully kitted’.

These weapons will come pre-loaded with an assortment of upgrades pre-attached.


These upgrades cannot be removed.

In Season 7 the fully-kitted Gold Weapons are:

  • Alternator SMG
  • G7 Scout
  • HAVOC Rifle
  • Sentinel
  • Wingman

Where is Guaranteed to Spawn Gold Loot?

There are thre guaranteed Gold Loot locations, Oasis Cafe, Research Basin, Elysium.


Oasis and Elysium are named locations off to the West, Research Basin is the location between Turbine and Hammond Labs!

Each of these locations is likely to very busy, but if you can snag their amazing offerings quickly and move out, you and your team could be onto some winning strategies!

Exactly what items will spawn each game does rotate around, so don’t expect the same Gold Loot every time from the same exact spots, but knowing that great loot is at least guaranteed to spawn should be enough to mean you land here.