Apex Legends No Fill Bug Fix On The Way

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During Season 8, Apex Legends saw the introduction of a no-fill option for non-competitive game modes for players that liked to play solo or just wanted to complete some challenges while not bothering other players.

However, since the feature was introduced there have been complaints from players saying it isn't working as intended.

Players who select no-fill would still receive teammates and players who had it disabled would sometimes not receive teammates.


Respawn acknowledged this issue on their public Trello board.

There is no confirmation on when we will see a possible fix for this issue, however, it may be coming in Season 9 which is releasing on May 4th.

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Apex Legends No Fill Bug Fix On The Way

Last year we saw the duo's option become a permanent game mode, which had solo players hopeful to see a solo mode added in the future.

The no-fill option was introduced into the game for players who prefer to play solo, although they must still compete against teams in duo and trio game modes.

Respawn believe that team play is the core foundation for Apex Legends and no-fill was a compromise that solo players will have to live with.

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Apex Legends: Legacy trailer premiers later today and will introduce a "new way to play", says the Apex Twitter account. Stay tuned for more season 9 updates throughout the week.