Apex Legends: Is Respawn's shooter coming to mobile this year?

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Apex Legends Season 5 has begun, and EA recently confirmed that the popular battle royale shooter will be coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch in the coming months.

Things have been quieter when it comes to a mobile release, but it sounds as though it could be closer than many anticipated.


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Apex Legends Coming To Mobile This Year?

EA CEO Andrew Wilson took part in an investor call on June 22, and discussed the possibility of Respawn Entertainment's free-to-play shooter making the jump to mobile phones.

“We have PvZ 3 [Plants vs Zombies 3] in soft launch, we’ve talked about having Apex Legends by the end of this year", he explained. Not concrete, sure, but it sounds fairly confident.


Considering the success of Apex Legends across multiple other platforms, and the impact Call of Duty Mobile made when launching, there's a clear demand for the shooter on iOS and Android.

Whether it'll support Crossplay, though, is anyone's guess.