Apex Legends Leak Reveals A New Arena Location In King's Canyon

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An Apex Legends leaker has uncovered a new area in King's Canyon which appears to show a new arena-like space.

Twitter user Sanguine (@someonewholeaks) has uncovered the secret location within the game's firing range/tutorial space.

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Apex Legends Leak Reveals A New Arena Location In King's Canyon

You can check out the footage below:

As you can see, players can call in a dropship to take them airborne, before jumping to a new location in a manner similar to Titanfall's dropships.

Players then enter via an underground corridor, before an elevator takes them to an arena where what appears to be Ash can be heard saying:

"Do you think you have what it takes to impress me, Legend? We'll find out soon. The arena awaits"

It's another clear part of Respawn's strategy to integrate more Titanfall content into Apex Legends.

We'd imagine this will tie in with Season 9, which is expected to introduce Blisk as a new Legend – potentially with a Titan in tow, too.

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