21 Jun 2021 8:30 PM +00:00

Tap Strafing for Fun and Profit in Apex Legends

What if you could instantly make a 180-degree turn in Apex Legends, firing back at a chasing opponent.

Tap strafing lets players do just that, but it takes a bit of practice to pull off properly.

This technique is possible due to how the Source Engine, the engine that powers Apex Legends, handles forward movement, changing the vector of a player's momentum.


How to Tap Strafe in Apex Legends

Tap strafing is not overly complicated to pull off, but it takes a bit of getting used to.

One of the most important things Apex Legends players can do to help them pull off the maneuver is to bind forward movement to their mouse's scroll wheel up or down.


It does not matter which, so choose whichever is more comfortable.

It is important to note that tap strafing only works for keyboard and mouse players.

Sorry, controller players.

Next, perform the following:

  1. Players should head into a slide and immediately jump, holding down one of the strafe keys depending on which direction is intended for the tap strafe.
  2. At the apex (see what I did there) of the jump, flick the mouse wheel while still holding the strafe button.
  3. Move the mouse in the intended direction while continuing the spin the mouse wheel.

A lot comes down to timing, so it is best to head into the Firing Range to practice a bit and get a feel for the controls.

The uses for tap strafing are many, and experimenting by using the technique to best figure out how it works for a player's playstyle will certainly produce some positive results.

Another side note is that tap strafing with Horizon can lead to some pretty spectacular hairpin turns at amazing speeds due to her passive.

Watch out, Octane.

Once mastered, it is time to take it to World's Edge and climb the ranks.

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