Apex Legends Holo-Day Bash 2020 LEAKS: Skins, Bundles, Tracker And More Leaked

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Many of us love to celebrate the holidays in our favourite games.

Luckily we already know we'll see the return of Holo-Day Bash in Apex Legends.


You can read everything you need to know about the event by clicking here.

The event should begin December 1st lasting until January 4th and we will see the return of the Winter Express.

Keep reading below to find out everything recently leaked by data miners!

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You can read about the following topics by clicking the link:

Event Lobby

Here's a sneak peak of the fresh new lobby screen coming to the game in a few weeks!

The Christmas event lobby + bundles! pic.twitter.com/23j03cr09W
— Biast12 (Tobias) (@Biast12)
November 16, 2020


You can find a screenshot taken by Shrugtal as well as a video by Biast12, posted to Twitter of the bundles coming to this event.


We've listed what's included in each bundle down below (names of bundles are not what they will be when live).

When watching the video bear in mind certain items such as the Revenant and Loba skins aren't finished yet, hence their appearance.

Holo-days 2020 bundles pic.twitter.com/Btgo2OVkkb
— Shrugtal (@shrugtal)
November 16, 2020
The Christmas Event Bundle Showcase https://t.co/rZjEj35dOWpic.twitter.com/1WzH5sbtFl
— Biast12 (Tobias) (@Biast12)
November 16, 2020

Lifeline Skin

  • Snow Crystal (Epic Lifeline Skin)

Wendigo Bundle

  • Arctic Blaster (Epic Wingman Skin)
  • Trophy Hunter (Epic Weapon Charm)

Crypto Bundle 1

  • Ice Cold (Legendary R-301 Skin)
  • Tree (Epic Weapon Charm)
  • Cool Operator (Rare Crypto Skin)

Mirage Bundle

  • The Wisecracker (Legendary Mirage Skin)
  • Ballet-Boozle (Epic Mirage Stance)
  • Cold Snap (Rare R-99 Skin)

Crypto Bundle 2

  • Frozen Fury (Legendary Spitfire Skin)
  • Neon Winter (Epic Crypto Skin)

Gibraltar Bundle

  • Brudda Bear (Legendary Gibraltar Skin)
  • Stocking (Epic Weapon Charm)
  • Flurry (Rare G7 Scout Skin)

Wraith Bundle

  • Natural Fusion (Legendary L-STAR Skin)
  • Wreath (Epic Wraith Skin)

Revenant Bundle

  • Frost Ancient (Legendary Revenant Skin)
  • Santa's Little Slayer (Legendary EVA-8 Skin)

Loba Bundle

  • Crystalline Perfection (Legendary Loba Skin)
  • Season's Greetings (Legendary P2020 Skin)


Below you'll find a load of skins that will be returning to the game this holiday, thanks to Shrugtal.

Bangalore and Wattson's Holo-day Bash 2019 skins will return in a bundle. pic.twitter.com/e6bgmWC9cq
— Shrugtal (@shrugtal)
November 16, 2020
Octane's "Dasher" skin, "Dashing through the Snow" pose and new Rampart epic "Deep Freeze" will be packaged in a bundle. pic.twitter.com/b4bljuDwuF
— Shrugtal (@shrugtal)
November 17, 2020
Pathfinder's "Joyfinder" skin will return bundled with the "Gift Wrapped" Triple Take and the "Melternator". pic.twitter.com/yLPagXEtQF
— Shrugtal (@shrugtal)
November 17, 2020
"Claustic" will be returning with the "Bronze Beast"Devotion, and the "Special Delivery" Flatline. pic.twitter.com/i1Kbyg89vE
— Shrugtal (@shrugtal)
November 17, 2020

Badges And Sprays

With Season 7 now live across all platforms, @Biast12 has revealed what badges await us:


These are rewarded for the following:

  • Holo-Day Bash 2020 - Earn points during the 2020 Holo-Day Bash event
  • Pain Train Conductor - Deal 10000 Damage in Winter Express during the 2020 Holo-Day Bash event
  • Ticket Puncher - Kill 100 players in Winter Express during the 2020 Holo-Day Bash event
  • Holo-Day Survivor - Capture the Train or Be the Last Squad Alive 100 times in Winter Express during the 2020 Holo-Day Bash event
  • Holo-Day Master - Earn all other Winter Express badges during the 2020 Holo-Day Bash event

Certain members of the community were given the opportunity to play Season 7 before it's official launch.

One of those players managed to stumble across some Holo-Day Bash badges.

Check out the screenshot by Youtuber WaterGotHim below!

The caption of the badge reads “Earn points during the 2020 Holo-Day Bash event.”

Holo-Day Bash 2020 badges @Biast12@SomeoneWhoLeakspic.twitter.com/MtSQtlwVre
— WaterGotHim (@WaterGotHim)
November 3, 2020



As well as the badges that were discovered, some new Holo-Sprays were too!

The images below by wolfforever5 shows them.

@Biast12 I just noticed this randomly. It seems there will be a rare Holo-Spray for Christmas 2020. It seems to be called "Holo-Days". pic.twitter.com/tkI1KDnSpN
— wolfforever5 (@wolfforever52)
November 2, 2020

@shrugtal has given us a small glimpse at a themed Holo-spray:


With the Season 7 update, @Biast12 has revealed all of the sprays in the files (some of which have already been added to the game):


We even get an idea of what's to come in terms of rewards for this holiday's tracker!

And the tracker....... pic.twitter.com/zlKl0GD8Ht
— Biast12 (Tobias) (@Biast12)
November 16, 2020