Apex Legends 'Fight Of Fright' Patch Notes: What’s Coming In The Halloween Update?

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The Halloween update must be barely days away, it’s only that long until October is over!

Here is some of the information we have right now about the upcoming Halloween update and be sure to check back here for our breakdown when it drops!

Apex Legends Halloween Patch Notes


Patch Size and Release Date

We don’t yet have the details of when the patch will release or the size of it, but when we do we’ll be sure to update you here.

Once you can download, here are some of the goodies you can look forward to!

Shadow Royale LTM

Prolific leaker and dataminer for Apex Legends, @Shrugtal on Twitter, has found details for a Shadow Royale mode.

It looks to be the return of Shadowfall is just on the horizon and with not long left of October we hope it comes really soon!

It may not look identical to last year’s limited-time event but we’re hopeful as it was an absolute blast.


Collection Event And Cosmetics

A whole giant slew of cosmetics have been leaked for the upcoming Halloween patch.

In this article here we detail some leaked skins that seem to be coming to the store page in various bundles for the Legends to celebrate the spooky month.

You can also see this video which details them as well!

We’ve also had a bunch of voice lines leak too, so be on the lookout for other cosmetic items this event!


Legend Meta

There will likely be some legends tweaks on the cards.

We saw quite a few in Aftermarket but the odd alteration here and it is highly likely for the Halloween update too.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

Weapon Meta

Once again, we aren’t yet exactly sure what weapons will be receiving tweaks.

Though, based on our previous reporting to do with the L-Star, perhaps that weapon’s tweaks will be coming now.

There are no guarantees but we’ll update when we know exactly which weapons get reworked.


Quality of life

One update we could see is the EVO shield rework we reported on previously.

It was previously teased for Season 7, but perhaps we’ll receive a little Halloween treat!

We'll be sure to update this page when the patch drops, so check back then!