Apex Legends Halloween 2020 Event: When Is 'Shadow Royale' Event Starting This Year?

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The Apex Legends Fight or Fright Trailer is out now!

The event will kick off on October 22.


Just as we suspected, the Shadow Royale is back on King's Canyon After Dark.

Teammates come back as Shadows to help survivors finish a match, plus there are fresh cosmetics to earn.

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Apex Legends fans, don't you worry.

We realise there's limited time remaining in the month of October, but we believe the games next Halloween event should be right around the corner.

Respawn's Halloween spooktacular is known as 'Fight or Fright' and based on several leaks will once again be gracing the game in 2020.

Last year the creepy collection event introduced a variety of Halloween-themed skins, teased the introduction of Revenant, and added a new game mode called Shadowfall.


For those who don't remember, 35 solo players drop into the Kings Canyon map at night and each player who was killed turned into a shadow, who would then hunt down the remaining players.

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According to well respected Apex Legends leaker @shrugtal, more frightening festivities are on the way. The leaker has already alleged that the event will return, telling fans on Twitter:

"Recent patch data shows that Shadowfall appears to be making a return this Halloween, in a variant called "Shadow Royale". No other information other then that the Infected and Spiders that popped out the lootbins will be making a regular appearance in this mode."

So we know Fight or Fright will return, in some form anyway, but when can we expect the new haunting Halloween event to actually release? Thankfully, we've got you covered.

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When Does Apex Legends Halloween Event Start?


As we noted above, the mode kicks off on October 22.

While we don't have a set time from Respawn, they usually begin at around 8 PM BST, so look for it then.

So stay tuned for spooky updates in the days to come.