Apex Legends Grants All Players Pride Badge

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Apex Legends players logging in today will be presented with an excellent new badge to celebrate Pride Month.

As a company that has never shied away from making social/political statements, Respawn continues to support its fans in amazing ways.


Apex Legends Pride Badge

Apex Legends players have a new way to show off their Pride with the new Pride badge.

Players are awarded the badge just for logging into the game and are greeted with the following supportive message:

Apex Legends Proud Together screen
PRIDE: All are welcome

As a game that contains an amazing and diverse cast, many of whom are LGBTQIA, Apex Legends takes their support of their fans a step further by both offering and promoting this new badge.

Though a minority of their fans complain about such badges, including the Black Lives Matter badge and Stop Asian Hate badge, the wider gaming community as a whole knows that Apex Legends is a welcoming and inclusive game.


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LGBTQIA in Apex Legends

Apex Legends includes six LGBTQIA Legends:

  • Bloodhound (non-binary)
  • Fuse (pansexual)
  • Gibraltar (gay)
  • Loba (bisexual)
  • Mirage (questioning)
  • Valkyrie (lesbian)

In the latest Apex Legends comics, it has come under question whether or not Bangalore may also fall in the LGBTQIA spectrum, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Representation Matters

Representation matters in video games, and not just gender identity and sexuality.


Representation gives players validation when they see characters that are like themselves in the games they play.

The world is a diverse place, and it only makes sense that the video games people play are diverse as well.

For those Apex Legends players who do not like the addition of LGBTQIA characters, or the new Pride badge, do not use them or do not play the game.

It is that simple.

As far as Respawn is concerned, the Apex Games welcome all skilled players.

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