How to Earn Points in the Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event

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The latest Apex Legends update is out in the wild, and with it comes the Genesis Collection Event.

The event has a total of 24 unique cosmetic items players can earn, with a few available by earning points on a prize tracker.


How do players earn points for the event?

Turns out it is pretty easy to max out the tracker.

How To Earn Genesis Collection Event Points

Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Prize Tracker
TRACKER: Complete the tracker for all the prizes

While Apex Legends players can purchase Genesis Collection Apex Packs for Apex Coins to try and get some of the exclusive cosmetic items, there are sixteen up for grabs just by earning points on the Genesis Prize Tracker.

Prizes include Trackers, Gun Charms, Weapon Skins, and even a Wattson Skin.

Players can earn a total of 5000 points in the event, but how exactly are points earned?

Every day Apex Legends fans will be presented with a set of Daily Genesis Challenges along with their normal Daily and Weekly Challenges.


Completing these can earn players up to 1600 points a day.

These challenges include things like playing Apex Legends, dealing damage, and making it to the Top 10 in a match several times.

Each challenge is worth 200 points, so a total of 25 challenges need to be completed in order to max out the prize tracker.

Normal Daily and Weekly Challenges do not provide players points towards the event, so those looking to obtain all the free cosmetic items need to focus on the Genesis Challenges before all else.

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Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event


The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event runs until July 13th, 2021.

There are a total of 24 different cosmetic items to collect, though doing so requires players to spend real money on Apex Coins in order to purchase packs with a chance to obtain these items.

Apex Legends players who do manage to get all 24 items will also be rewarded with Revenant's Dead Man's Curve heirloom.

The only other way to obtain the heirloom is to use heirloom shards, which are almost impossible to obtain.

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