How Much Would It Cost To Unlock All 24 Genesis Collection Event Items

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The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event is now live, and that means that players can start working towards collecting all 24 cosmetic items in order to unlock Revenant's heirloom.

Of course, unlocking all the items is not free, with only two Genesis Collection Event Packs up for grabs in the Genesis Prize Tracker.

So how much would it cost a player who wanted to get them all?


Genesis Collection Event Packs

Apex Legends Genesis Collection Pack Price
EXPENSIVE: Genesis Collection Packs cost more than regular Apex Packs

Each Genesis Collection Event Pack contains one Event Item with a 50% chance of that item being either Legendary or Epic.

They also include two Standard Items, with a 10% chance of being Legendary, 20% of being Epic, and 70% chance of being Rare.


Players cannot pull duplicate Event Items from open packs, meaning that players would be 24 Genesis Collection Event Packs to obtain every item obtained within the event.

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The Price of Completion

Apex Legends Apex Coins prices
COINS: Pay the price

Since players need 24 Genesis Collection Event Packs in order to obtain every item, the cost comes out to 16,800 Apex Coins, or a tad shy of $170 USD.

This breaks down to:

  • x10,000 Apex Coins at $99.99
  • x6,000 Apex Coins at $59.99
  • x1000 Apex Coins at $9.99

This is, of course, not taking into account any Apex Coins players may have already.

Since players can complete the Genesis Prize Track to get two of these packs, it lowers the price to 15,400 Apex Coins, or $160 USD.

Not much of a discount there.

While purchasing all the packs outright is expensive, players looking to get Revenant's Heirloom would get out cheap without needing to purchase the 500 Apex Packs required to be guaranteed heirloom shards.

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Direct Purchase

Apex Legends Genesis Event Stre
DIRECT: Purchase the skins desired directly in special bundles

Apex Legends players looking for a specific item from the event will be able to purchase them directly through the Genesis Event Store.

Unfortunately not all the skins will be available as single purchases, instead coming in bundles containing Genesis Collection Event Packs.

Respawn knows the popularity of their Legends, so fans can expect more popular Legends to be part of more expensive bundles.

The first sets available are as follows:

  • 5,000 Apex Coins - Petty Theft Pack Bundle (Loba Skim + 7 Genesis Collection Event Packs)
  • 2,500 Apex Coins - Inconspicuous Pack Bundle (Crypto Skin + 3 Genesis Collection Event Packs)
  • 1,200 Apex Coins - The Warrior Empress (Wattson Skin)
  • 700 Apex Coins - Rise of the Phoenix (Hemlock Skin)

Older skins from past events will also be featured for a limited time, such as the current XL-R8 skin for Octane and the Fun in the Sun R-301 Carbine skin.

While not the best way to collect everything there is, it is still cheaper than purchasing individual packs in hopes to pull the skin a player really wants.

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