Best Places to Drop in Apex Legends' Season 3 World's Edge

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The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event brings back the original World's Edge map, first introduced to Apex Legends players in Season 3.

Setting aside whether or not this is a good idea, new players may not know the ins and outs of the OG map.


Here are the best places to land in the Season 3 map of World's Edge.

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Best Drop Spots in the Original World's Edge

Apex Legends Season 3 World's Edge
OG: The first World's Edge

The original World's Edge looked a bit different than it does today.

There is no Harvester, which is currently an iconic spot on the modern map.

While World's Edge has not seen as many changes as King's Canyon over the years, newer players may still not recognize the map they drop into during the latest Collection Event.



Lava City

A spot that is very out of the way from other areas on World's Edge, Lava City is a small location that is quick to loot, though there is not much high-tier equipment here.

One of the best features of Lava City is its proximity to Sorting Factory and The Dome, giving players great rotation options once they have snagged all they can go after their initial drop.


Refinery offers a good amount of ground loot that can be snagged on the run and boasts 25 supply bins and excellent cover inside its buildings.

While it is on the edge of the map, it offers extremely quick access to The Epicenter, Capitol City, and Skyhook.


More cases than not, the circle ends up within a reasonable distance of Refinery, meaning that players will not need to scramble to reach it after gearing up.

The Epicenter

As iconic as it is today, The Epicenter is a small location with enough loot to get a player ready for the rest of their match.

Fairly quiet, it is close enough to high-traffic POIs, making rotating out to third party other squads quick and easy.

The Train Yard

A central location with a good amount of protection from other POIs on the map, The Train Yard has many high-tier supply bins and floor loot.

Even though it has protection thanks to the cliffs the east and the south, it is still a great place to rotate out into Lava Fissure, Sniper's Ridge, not through to Capitol City.


If the ring permits, players may even get to Skyhook and third party some unsuspecting players.

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Old Map, New World

Apex Legends original World's Edge artwork

One thing Apex Legends need to keep in mind is that Apex Legends has changed a lot since its inception, and the Season 3 World's Edge map may play completely differently than long-time fans remember.

Take the time to explore, especially with newer Legends, figuring out how to best exploit a map that was created before newer characters, and their abilities were released.

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