Best Places to Drop in Apex Legends' Season 0 Kings Canyon

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The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event brings back the original Kings Canyon map in all its former glory.

Setting aside whether or not this is a good idea, new players may not know the ins and outs of the OG map.

Here are the best places to land in the Season 0 map of King's Canyon.

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Best Drop Spots in the Original Kings Canyon

Apex Legends Season 0 Kings Canyon
OG: The first Kings Canyon

The Kings Canyon of old looked much different than it does today.

Undergoing many changes over the Seasons, new players may not recognize the Battle Royale map when the first drop onto it.


Water Treatment

Water Treatment offers players a vast area to explore for loot with lots of places for them to hide and ambush other squads.

Those familiar with Caustic Treatment will mostly recognize the layout and know the benefit of being able to rotate out to multiple locations easily.

Skull Town is just a jog away, and Water Treatment is a great place to start for players who want to hit up Skull Town but want to avoid the early rush that for sure dropping there.


A high-tier loot location that can either see a lot of commotion or none at all.

Relatively out of the way, Relay can be a great way to start a match if players do not mind the ring chasing them as they rotate out to Wetlands or try to rush to Artillery.



Many Apex Legends fans are familiar with Artillery.

There is tons of high-tier loot to be had here, as well as underground bunkers and rooftop ziplines.

It tends to see a good amount of traffic, but there are multiple ways to approach the location depending on what a squad's goals are after dropping.


High-tier loot and crowded, Airbase is a great spot for those itching for a firefight from the very start of a match.

There are also many rotation options available to players who want to grab loot and run or are looking for more eliminations after surviving the initial carnage that is sure to ensue when dropping here.


Skull Town

Apex Legends Skull Town

There is a reason so many Apex Legends fans are excited about the return of the old Kings Canyon map.

Skull Town was the most popular drop spot when Apex Legends launched, and with good reason.


This POI is huge and loaded with mid-tier loot.

Skull Town has it all: open spaces, multiple levels, tight corridors, and winding hallways.

There is no doubt that many players will head straight to Skull Town once again, so be wary of crowds.

For those who want to experience Skull Town in a more controlled setting, it is also coming to Arenas.

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Old Map, New World

One thing Apex Legends need to keep in mind is that Apex Legends has changed a lot since its inception, and the Season 0 Kings Canyon map may play completely differently than long-time fans remember.


Take the time to explore, especially with newer Legends, figuring out how to best exploit a map that was created before newer characters and their abilities were released.