Apex Legends: Wall Running Legends “Unlikely” According To Respawn Developer

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The new Shadow Royale LTM has dropped with the return of Fight or Fright event this year.

Shadow Royale combines the Shadowfall mode from last year but with a twist!


This Battle Royale game mode sees your teammates return as shadows, with less health but increased movement and unlimited respawns.

Shadows can also wall-run and double jump, but don’t expect these abilities in the main game soon.

Will We Get A Wall-Running Legend?

Respawn became instant legends with the mechanics in Titanfall and Titanfall 2.

Though not the mechs, instead it was the wall-running and Pilot movement that felt so fluid and well executed which netted them the fame.

As such, many fans hope such abilities would wind up in Apex Legends, and finally, they have.

In the Shadow Royale mode, provided that one Teammate lives on, squad members can respawn into the match as dexterous shadow ghosts.


At the cost of some health and not being able to carry guns, Shadows can wall-run and double jump.

Though while these features are cool, a Respawn developer has said that we likely won’t seem them return outside of LTMs.

Over on Reddit, Daniel Klein responded to one user asking if the abilities would be given to a Legend.

The answer wasn’t no, but it’s still “very unlikely”, being a combination of two factors.

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Why Is Wall-Running Not In Regular Apex Legends?

The reasons given by Daniel Klein on Reddit are twofold, but both centre on enjoyment.


The first is that these movement abilities are seen as “suger-high” powers.

Like the buzz you get from soft drinks and candy, these powers feel great in the moment but eventually fade away.

As Klein, the Titanfall games were hugely popular, but only for a few weeks at a time, they didn’t have the full-sticking power Apex Legends needs.

The second reason is about tactics.

With crazy movement abilities, it can be near impossible to predict where your enemy will next appear.

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In Titanfall, it’s not a problem, if someone surprises you just respawn and hope your reaction times are better next time.


With Apex Legends, you’ll likely get completely eliminated and need to start a whole new match.

By removing wall-running, Apex Legends has an ebb and flow to it that lets players tell their own stories and overall leads to better user experience!

Though for LTMs, none of this matters as the mode is only around for a few weeks, if there isn’t as much balance then it’s not the end of the world.