Apex Legends Developer Teases Major Changes Coming In Season 9

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Apex Legends has been going from strength to strength as of late.

The new season has been one of the best in recent memory, and it was a rather ambitious one for Respawn given the times we are living in.


The new map within the game has been a hit among players as they are taking part in Apex's holiday event.

Now, we are always looking ahead to future seasons and it appears one of the developers is rather excited about future seasons.

Here's what was said! 




The game director behind Apex Legends, Chad Greiner recently conducted an interview with IGN. 

During this 20 minute interview, they touched on a lot of subjects; including the development of the new map along with the new season.

Towards the 17 minute mark of the video, Chad starts to talk about the future of Apex Legends and what is to come with Season 8/9.


Greiner has noted the following: 

I would love to just talk about all of it, because I’m so excited. Season 8 is shaping up to be amazing, it’s just great, and almost entirely done working from home

Season 9 is also going to be great, really looking forward to it. In Season 9, you’re going to see some major things that you did not expect. So it’s just a really exciting time right now

Despite all the working from home challenges, we’ve hit a stride, and we’ve figured a lot of the things out about how to work together and how to build great content. And there’s no shortage of great ideas in our studio


So, it appears future seasons of Apex Legends is about to get crazier as they progress!