Apex Legends: Could Clubs/Clans Be Coming To The Game?

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Apex Legends Season 6 arrives in August with its latest legend Rampart.

Solo players are constantly struggling to find others to group up with and if you queue with randoms most of the time it's a disaster.


Due to this many players don't even consider trying ranked mode as the game is so heavily dependant on teamwork, but that may not be an issue for long!

Here's what we know about clubs/clans in Apex Legends.


@Shrugtal once again brings huge news about things to come in Apex Legends.


He found proof that clubs/clans will be coming to the game at some point.


Many are speculating that this will come hand in hand with crossplay.

It's always confused the community why Respawn hadn't created a way to find people to play with, especially with it being so co-op friendly but at least we'll be getting it at some point! 

Shrugtal found the evidence within code brought to the game through the Lost Treasures Event.

With Season 6 confirmed, could this feature be introduced? Or is it a project that may come further down the line?


There's no doubt it can be a tough ask getting players to co-operate and work together when you're playing solo. Being able to quickly gather like-minded individuals can greatly improve the user experience.

Depending on how in-depth they go, it could reward those in the club with XP or even in-game rewards. Perhaps there will be club leaderboard and other unique benefits to being in a group.