Apex Legends: Is It Worth Using Bocek Bow After Weeks Of Nerfs?

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Weeks after its release, Respawn Entertainment weakened the new Bocek Bow weapon in Apex Legends through nerfs. Its damage, full charge draw speed and even ammo capacity have taken a hit and even forced players to use the weapon less often. Despite its fall, is it still worth using the Bocek Bow?

Not What It Used To Be

After the nerfs that it suffered, the Bocek Bow has fell from its glory from when it was first introduced. On a clean hit, a fully charged arrow hits for 60 damage on a body shot and hits around more than 90 damage on the head depending on their helmet. Overall, it’s still a decent weapon to bring in fights.


However, the nerfs have removed the threat of seeing players holding pathways and angles with the weapon. Players can still go and take the Bocek Bow head-on without fear of getting obliterated by this weapon. Respawn Entertainment was successful in nerfing this weapon.

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Almost Wingman Proxy

Prior to the nerf, the Bocek Bow was a menace to see in any situation in Battle Royale. It dealt 70 damage on a bodyshot and 123 damage on a headshot. It didn’t help that the Bocek Bow’s full-charge draw speed was fast and could still be improved with a weapon upgrade. This weapon almost unseated the Wingman as the choice weapon for clutching out engagements.

Apex Legends Bocek Bow
The Bocek Bow as seen in-game

During its first introduction, the Bocek Bow was a difficult weapon to push against. Getting hit in the body just once would already scare anyone into running to cover. If not, the next arrow would put them in dangerously low health to continue any fight. Players would find themselves frustrated as they’re forced to heal in cover or find a way to discourage the Bocek player to stop shooting arrows.

Lastly, the Bocek Bow was Apex Legends’ first silent weapon in the game. The arrows can definitely be heard distinctly when they’re flying your way but it is significantly quieter than gunfire. The weapon was perfect for third-partying other squads as they are picked off while they’re busy fighting other players


Still Deadly But Requires More Skill

Even with the nerfs, the Bocek Bow can remain deadly but will now require more skill to pull off. Similar to its peers in the Marksman rifle category, the weapon is now great when used at midrange to long ranges. However, it has a hard time dealing with weapons with better fire rate up close.

The bow now also relies to both its Shatter Caps and Deadeye’s Tempo hop-ups to cover up its close range weaknesses. While currently not a strong hop-up, the Shatter Caps temporarily turns the Bocek into a shotgun. The Shatter Caps pales in comparison to regular shotguns but makes up for it with its unshakable crosshair which is perfect for rapid hipfire and aiming down sight up close.

Lastly, the Deadeye’s Tempo improves the bow’s fire rate as long as the player knows the timing to keep the bonus up. This hop-up works for both regular and Shatter Caps arrow which help in dealing with foes as fast as you can.

The weapon is now an underdog pick in and will be worthy of respect if used well in Battle Royale or Arenas fights.

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