Apex Holoday Bash Countdown: What time does Season 4 Event Start?

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December is fastly approaching, and this means the holiday season will be in full effect soon.

The holiday season is when game developers typically announce Christmas themed events for their games.


Apex Legends is no different, as the annual Holoday bash will be coming soon.

The Christmas event revolved around Mirage, but will it change this year? We can't wait to see what the team at Respawn have in store for us this year.

Here is when the event is going to kick off, and it's sooner than you may expect! 



Start Date

The new event will begin on the 1st December and end on the 4th January 2020.

We expect this year for the event to start at some point in the second week as it did previously, then lasting till the first week of January.

So, this week players will be able to check out the new holiday-themed event.


Apex will be one of the first games to releases their Christmas update, as we assume other titles such as Fortnite will not release theirs for a few weeks. 


What Will Happen

There is a lot of speculation about what is going to be included in the new event.


We have covered a wide array of leaks surrounding this event, but here is one of the primary additions that we could see! 

Winter Express Limited-Time Mode

The train is back in World’s Edge just for Winter Express, and this time it’s not the only vehicle descending into the valley around Epicenter.

The supply ships from Kings Canyon are also flying around the frozen explosion.


Winter Express is a round-based mode where three squads battle for control of the train as it makes its way around World’s Edge. 

This year, when your squad respawns after a round has finished, you will spawn on your own supply ship as it follows the train.

From here, your squad will be able to survey the battlefield and skydive into combat as the train arrives at its next station and the objective unlocks. The squad that won the previous round will respawn directly on the train.