Apex Legends Solo Queue: How To Play Alone Without Squads

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Apex Legends is into Season 8, and one thing that's never really changed is its focus on squad-based combat.

If you'd rather play on your own, you've traditionally had to drop in with a squad of strangers (or a duo), or split from them before leaving the dropship.

Thankfully, if you're feeling brave, you can now opt-out of a squad. Here's how.

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Apex Legends Solo Queue: How To Play Alone Without Squads

It's surprisingly simple, but you may have missed it in the game's menus which have tabs upon tabs of options.


In the lobby, before searching for a match, look for the checkbox that says "fill matchmaking".

This will put players in a solo queue, although it's worth remembering you'll still be up against duos and squads.

Respawn advises dropping solo for the following reasons:

  • Focus on completing certain Daily and Weekly challenges
  • Warm up, drop hot, and get into lots of fights
  • Challenge yourself—can you win a round of Duos alone? How about Trios?
  • Experience the latest lore teaser on your own
  • Explore the map and experiment with characters you haven’t tried before; Take an opportunity to learn a bit more about the game at your own pace.

You also won't be able to drop solo in Ranked.

Here's hoping for a free-for-all mode in the future – we reckon we can take on another 59 Legends, how about you?