Who is the Apex Legends Mobile Fade Voice Actor?

Image of the Fade Apex Legends character standing in front of a rock
Credit: Respawn

Image of the Fade Apex Legends character standing in front of a rock
Credit: Respawn

Following several months of beta testing, Apex Legends Mobile is now available across the world. The mobile version of the battle royale contains all the features from the base version in addition to the exclusive Fade Legend.

The Legend is exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile and completely free of charge, meaning plenty of players are dropping into the action to see how they fare against the existing roster of characters. As with the launch of any new character, many are wondering who the Apex Legends Fade voice actor is.

Before we reveal who is the voice behind the newest arrival to Apex Legends Mobile, we've covered a variety of topics including the difference in Apex Legends Mobile FPS settings, how to get 60fps, and even a look at how the Apex Legends Mobile weapon tier list looks in the game's early stages.

Who Is The Fade Voice Actor in Apex Legends Mobile?

The voice behind the mask may sound familiar to Disney and Spider-Man fans. Fade's voice comes from American voice actor Josh Keaton best known for voicing young Hercules in the 1997 Disney film and Spider-Man in the 2018 video game.

In addition, he's also voiced Lucas in Knack II and the Junk Dealer from Death Stranding.

Image of Josh Keaton on a black background
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Credit: Wowpedia

How to Unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

To get your hands on Fade, you need to collect a total of ten Fade pieces. The pieces are available through the Battle Pass so work your way to Tier 25 to earn the pieces. Once you've got ten, head to the Legend menu and unlock the character permanently.

Is Fade Good in Apex Legends Mobile?

Although players are still mastering Fade and its abilities, the opinion of many is overwhelmingly positive. The Flashback ability is excellent for avoiding any sticky situations while its Chamber ultimate is also useful.

As more players drop into the action, the likelihood of Fade becoming one of the more popular Legends in Apex Legends Mobile is high. As the seasons progress, it will be interesting to see if its popularity will drop if developers decide to make balancing changes. For the time being, it's certainly worth using Fade.

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