Update: Nintendo Revokes Licences For Early Neo: The World Ends With You Copies

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Update - July 21, 2021

Bad news for players who'd manage to secure an early copy of Neo: The World Ends With You. If you go online today, you'll discover that Nintendo's remotely revoked all digital licences for it, meaning you'll have to wait for the physical version being sent by Square Enix's official store.


While some had issued caution to players who'd obtained a code - advising early adopters to use Airplane Mode - it seems they were right to do so. Save data from this revoked edition will not carry over at all, meaning anyone who made significant progress will have to restart. Notably, that included one user who advised they were "just an hour or two away" from finishing.

With 6 days to go until this anticipated sequel's launch, it won't be long before we can legitimately get our hands on it. Until then, at least there's always the demo.

Original - July 18, 2021

We're all too familiar with leaks in the gaming industry, though the manner they occur in differs. Though retailers have previously broken street dates for particular games, we can't think of many instances where this happened through the publisher's official store. Yet, that's exactly just what happened for Neo: The World Ends With You.


Due to launch on July 27, 2021 for Switch, PC and PS4, Square Enix accidentally released digital codes for their long-awaited sequel 10 days early. Specifically relating to the Switch edition, select North American users who pre-ordered a physical copy received a code yesterday for the full digital release.

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Square Enix Accidentally Released Neo: The World Ends With You Early On Switch

Reportedly, these digital codes were meant to be include Neo: The World Ends With You pre-order bonuses, but Square Enix instead granted access to the entire game. Since this came to light, that issue's now been resolved, but many users were able to redeem the code in time.


As such, there's now a very real risk of spoilers for anyone planning to play it later this month. We won't report on any of those ourselves, but we'd still recommend caution on social media. As always, we'll keep you posted with new developments when they happen.