Bandai Trademarks Baten Katos in Japan

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Could a Baten Kaitos remake be on the way?

It’s possible, based on a new set of trademarks Bandai filed in Japan (thanks Gematsu).


The publisher trademarked both the base name Baten Kaitos and the original game’s subtitle: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean.

If a Baten Kaitos remake isn’t in the works, then it’s possible Bandai is working on a port to modern consoles.

It’s been over a decade since the second game and prequel, Baten Kaitos Origins, released, and Bandai and Tri-Ace have been quiet on the Baten Kaitos front ever since.

Both were GameCube exclusives released at the end of the first card-based game trend and the start of JRPGs becoming unfashionable.

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Bandai Trademarks Baten Katos in Japan

It gained a devoted following at the time, though evidently not one that was sizeable enough.


Baten Kaitos takes place on a series of islands in the sky, where magic thrives, humans evolved and grew wings, and governments plot to dominate all life.

JRPG political trappings aside, Baten Kaitos stood out at the time for its unique card battle system, where time and other factors would affect your equipment and item quality.

With the resurgence of deck-building games and broader acceptance of JRPGs on whole, perhaps Bandai thought it was time to try again.

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[Source: Gematsu]