A One Piece fighting game has been announced, and the trailer looks incredible

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Despite being in print for more than two decades, One Piece remains the most popular manga series globally. Until now, One Piece fans could not get their hands on any games based on the show. That's about to change thanks to a new fighting game for One Piece.

Tencent Games has announced plans to release the One Piece game currently under the working title Project Fighter. The Tweet below features an exciting trailer for the game. Apparently, the game is only available for smartphones, and Chinese releases have been confirmed.

There is still debate over whether or not it will be released in the US. Often, games or trailers are initially developed for different regions before the language is changed for the US and EU. Many fans fear that One Piece: Fighting Path has set a precedent for all One Piece games to be released in China first, meaning this new One Piece game may be released exclusively in China.


What is the genre of this new One Piece game?

The game has been compared to Dragon Ball FighterZ by many fans because many of the visuals are similar to this trailer. In the trailer, it looks like a fast-paced button-mashing game with cooldowns on special moves. The one-on-one fights may be similar to Dragon Ball FighterZ, but it's clearly a beat-em-up.

The overall game seems more like a beat-em-up because of its side-scrolling features. The trailer may show some of the characters fighting one on one, but the trailer also shows groups of enemies being defeated by Luffy and his friends. How they'll pull these controls off on a smartphone remains to be seen.

We love new One Piece games, so the announcement of a fighting game is well received. As more information is revealed, we will keep you updated on the development of this new One Piece game.