Animal Crossing New Horizon 2.0: New Fencing Recipes

Nine new types of fencing are being added to Animal Crossing New Horizons as part of the version 2.0 update. They range from natural barriers made from materials like wood and bamboo, to more industrial looking metalwork pieces. Here's what you need to know.

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New Fencing Being Added For Version 2.0

As part of Version 2.0 that launches on November 5th in Animal Crossing New Horizons, new Fencing Recipes are available. Here's what's new:

  • Park Fencing
  • Block Fencing
  • Corrugated Iron Fencing
  • Large-Lattice Fencing
  • Green Bamboo Fencing
  • Bamboo Fencing
  • Frozen Fencing
  • Log-Wall
  • Log Fencing

We've included some more info on each below. If you're looking for more on Animal Crossing New Horizons then visit our guide on Kapp'n.


Park fencing in Animal Crossing New Horizons
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The first new Fencing recipe is the Park fencing. It's a metal looped fence, like the kind you may see at a children's play park. From the trailer, it looks to be available in blue and yellow colours.


Block Fencing shown in the Oct 2021 Nintendo Direct trailer
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Block fencing looks to be a stone-based barrier recipe. It has small motif designs on it, and looks to be a fairly tall wall. This would be great when paired with stone paths.


A villager waters plants beside new Large Lattice Fencing
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Large-Lattice Fences look to be some of the most intricate in the game. Criss-cross woodwork stand tall, great for pairing with wooden furniture and plants.


Log-Wall fencing in AC New Horizons
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For a more rustic feel, go for the new Log Wall Fence. It is a simple wood design, and is paired with pine trees in the trailer. Great for an outdoorsy feel and vibe.


Log Fencing in Animal Crossing New Horizons
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Log-Fencing is a little more understated than the wall variant. definitely gives areas a park-feel, and looks to be available in light-wood colouring.


Bamboo Slats Fencing in AC New Horizons
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Bamboo Slats are the first of two Bamboo-based fences being added to Animal Crossing New Horizons. As you can see in the image above, they've been placed around a tranquil rock garden.

Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo can also be seen in the image above, featuring a more standard-bamboo colouring and design.

Corrugated Iron

Some Villagers like to decorate their homes with rustic metal and industrial appliances. The Corrugated Fence is perfect for them.

A bear villager walks out of their house, surrounded by Corrugated Iron Fencing
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For the winter season, Frozen Fencing add a great ice design to areas. They are topped with snow, making them perfect for the Holiday season.

Frozen Fencing from the Nintendo Direct trailer first shown in Oct 2021
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How to Obtain New Fencing Recipes

We don't yet know exactly how these new Fences will be unlocked. Previously, they were included in the Nook Stop, so it's likely the recipes will be able to be bought using your hard earned Nook Miles. We'll update this page when we know more.

That's all you need to know about the new Fencing available as part of Version 2.0 of Animal Crossing New Horizons. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on getting Perfect Fruit. Elsewhere there's our look at How to Sleep.

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