Nintendo Announces Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC

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Nintendo announced Animal Crossing New Horizons - Happy Home Paradise during the October Animal Crossing Direct. Happy Home Paradise is the game's first paid DLC expansion and launches November 5 for $24.99 or for free with the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack.

Happy Home Paradise is an evolution of Happy Home Designer. You take on work with the Paradise Planning Team and design vacation homes with a massive catalogue of furniture and, if you charm your own islanders with souvenirs, you can even invite them to the archipelago as well.

It also introduces several new design features, including wall partitions, accent walls, and polishing certain items to bring out a new effect or two.

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Nintendo Announces Animal Crossing New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC

Happy Home Paradise gives you creative control over everything, even down to tree height, and adds new ambient sound effects and lighting options to match vacationers' design tastes. You can even convince some resort goers to invite roomates and design sections of their vacation home to fit each style.

Like Happy Home Designer before it, you also have access to empty facilities, such as a cafe or schoolhouse. Design these as you see fit, and your clients might just take to them as their favorite new hangout spots.

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Of course, none of this is free work. Completing client requests earns you resort-specific currency called Poki, which you can exchange for rare furniture at the resort shop and take it back to your home island.

Buying the Happy Home Paradise expansion also unlocks the new design features, such as partitions, for use on your home island. Finally, if you have Animal Crossing-series Amiibo figures, such as Tom Nook or Isabelle, you can scan them and invite the character to Paradise Planning to design a home for them.

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