Best Pokemon QR Codes For Animal Crossing New Horizons

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Animal Crossing New Horizons has been releasing updates at a rapid pace since the turn of the New Year.

Now, players are waiting for the Festivale event which is happening next week!


One aspect that a lot of players love about Animal Crossing is the ability to use other players' designs for clothes or wall decorations within their island. 

Now, players have been making their best Pokemon designs over the last year and some of them are fantastic.

Here are the best ten QR codes you should check out!



If you fancy checking out some of the clothes used in the cover image for this piece, then you have come to the right spot.

These were created by Reddit user u/ryemcdev9, who posted the following QR codes: 





  • MO-W8ML-G1VB-3G5Q


  • MO-15VT-9K4S-KLPC


If you are looking for more ideas, has posted some amazing ones here.

But below are some of the best ones we recommend checking out! 


Pokemon Hat: MO-13J9-N574-3T8X

Shiny Charizard Tank Top: MO-JH97-YPWF-CFCX

Ash's Top: MO-84TR-D654-TKV4

Kanto and Johto Starters Coat: MO-DSQW-XSBW-C1VH


Pokemon Bucket Hat: MO-Q70L-V58P-2R5C

Hoenn Tile: MO-5FHW-JNB9-0S21

Fire, Water, Grass, Electric Tile: MO-RR01-54VY-8BPM

Pikachu Tile: MO-X208-QQR3-3S65



Be sure to let us know which ones are your favorites!