Will Animal Crossing New Horizons Be On Xbox One?

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With the March release date of Animal Crossing New Horizons fast approaching, fans of the series are getting excited as more and more news arrives about the Nintendo Switch title.

If you're not an owner of a Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite, is there a chance you can play it on another console?

Here are the details about New Horizon on Xbox One.

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Will Animal Crossing New Horizons Be On Xbox One?

The Animal Crossing series has spanned almost 20 years and has yet to feature on a console that wasn't owned by Nintendo.

The only exception is in the form on emulators (to play on PC) and a spin-off game made for mobile.

Unfortunately, any Xbox One owners looking to purchase the game will be out of luck - the game is not releasing on Xbox One or any other console for that matter.



When Will The Game Release?

You'll be able to create your own island adventure on Animal Crossing New Horizons on the 20th March 2020.

The new game shakes things up from the original, we've got all of the details here.