Animal Crossing October Fish: All ACNH Fish Leaving Before November New Horizon Update

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Each month we see changes to the types of fishies in Animal Crossing New Horizons and as we approach the end of October players should once again get ready for another change.

As in the past, we'll once again see a variety of bugs, fish and sea creatures leave the game.


When October ends and November begins we'll also see some new species making their way to our towns!

That's why it's important you know what creatures are leaving.

So we've pulled together a list of all the fish leaving the game after October in the northern and southern hemispheres.

So if you need any of these fish to complete your Critterpedia, now would be a good time to grab the fishing rod and catch them.


Otherwise, who knows when you'll be able to catch them again, let alone donate them to Blathers at the Museum.

At the same time, it's also worth familiarising yourself with the various ACNH Bugs and ACNH Sea Creatures who are also leaving the game at the end of November.

Whilst we have you, don't forget there's a huge Animal Crossing New Horizon's Halloween Event taking place on Saturday October 31. So make sure you don't miss out!

For now, let's turn out attention back to those fish who are leaving the game in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres after October.



Fish Leaving After October

Northern Hemisphere

Fish Type Hours Location Rarity Shadow Size Sell Price
Snapping Turtle9 PM - 4 AMRiverRareLarge5000 Bells
Catfish4 PM - 9 AMPondCommonLarge800 Bells
TilapiaAll DayRiverCommonMedium800 Bells
Angelfish4 PM - 9 AMRiverUncommonSmall3000 Bells
Betta9 AM - 4 PMRiverRareSmall2500 Bells
Rainbowfish9 AM - 4 PMRiverRareVery Small800 Bells
Moray EelAll DayOceanRareLong2000 Bells
Ribbon EelAll DayOceanRareLong600 Bells
Giant TrevallyAll DayPierVery RareExtra Large4500 Bells
Mahi-MahiAll DayPierVery RareExtra Large6000 Bells

Southern Hemisphere

Fish Type Hours Location Rarity Shadow Size Sell Price
DabAll DayOceanCommonMedium300 Bells
TunaAll DayPierRareSuper Large7000 Bells
Blue MarlinAll DayPierRareSuper Large10000 Bells