What Time Is The Animal Crossing New Horizons Winter Update Releasing?

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Animal Crossing New Horizons commitment to keep the game updated and fresh is continuing with the first Winter Update since arriving on the Switch.

It's been an incredible year so far for Animal Crossing New Horizons, selling over 26 million units since its release in March.


Now the new update will also bring with it a new patch - version 1.6.0!

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When Time Is Animal Crossing New Horizons's Winter Update?

According to the official Nintendo website in Japanese, the Winter update will release at 10AM Japan Standard Time on Thursday on the 19th November.


Nintendo hasn't announced a release time for players outside of Japan, but every past update has released at the same time around the world with the same schedule.

Here's when you can expect to get the update in your region:

  • 1am GMT (19th November)
  • 12pm AEDT (19th November)
  • 5pm PST (18th November)
  • 6pm MST (18th November)
  • 7pm CST (18th November)
  • 8pm EST (18th November)

What's Included In The Winter Update?

This update is HUGE and really focuses on the upcoming holidays - including Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Alongside that are some general updates and quality of life improvements.


Here's what's being added:

  • Two New Holiday Events
  • New Reactions And Hairstyles
  • Home Storage Limit Upgrade
  • Visiting Random Islands In Dreams
  • Resident and Island Data Transfers
  • New Seasonal Items

You can read more about the new changes right here.