Animal Crossing New Horizons: All Winter Clothes Added During The Winter Update

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New Horizon's Winter Update has now released all over the world! 

This will be the last major update for Animal Crossing this year, and it may be the biggest update yet.


Turkey Day and Toy Day are among the biggest highlights within this patch, but there are also some new reactions players are able to take advantage of. 

Along with the new events, there are also new DIY recipes thanks to the addition of the Snowflake material.

Now, players are going to have to prepare for the Winter months; so you better bundle up.

Here are all the new clothing items for the Winter months within New Horizons! 



Winter Clothes

There is an ample amount of new items to be purchased with the new update.

Below is a full catalog of all Winter clothing items added to the game!


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Be sure to let us know which item you are looking forward to purchasing!