Animal Crossing New Horizons: The Easiest Way To Make A Wishlist For Trading

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a game that encourages social interaction, such as exchanging items with friends, hence island-exclusive items.

But with so many items out there, it can get a bit frustrating when trying to describe what you’re looking for, or to know what others are looking for... enter, VillagerDB.


VillagerDB is an incredible resource that allows you to build yourself a wishlist for furniture, collectibles, and even villagers that you’re hunting down.

You’ll require an account, (which is free) but once you get that sorted, populating a new wishlist is simple.

Just find and select an item under any category with the + button, and a pop-up will appear that says “new list”.

Name the list, then go back and select your items and characters for the list you created.


If you click on your username, your profile should display lists that you’ve made.


Conveniently, these lists all have pictures, too.

You can then either share the URL of your wishlist, or you can take a screenshot to post on social media:


It’s a much quicker option than the current - downloading images of the entire catalogue, or getting screenshots of individual items you're looking for, and then sticking each and every item on a larger image.

You could also use the site to keep a list of items you already own, so that players know what their trading options are.

Or, you can get real creative and make themed lists for potential rooms for people to try. 

Getting on Twitter and posting your list with hashtags like #AnimalCrossingWishlist, you can also search the hashtags to see what other people are looking for.


You can try VillagerDB here.