Animal Crossing New Horizons: Summer Update Wave 1: Release Date, Swimming, Gulliver, New Features, Content And More!

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is gearing up for its first Summer since its release, back in March of 2020.

Today they announced a whole new wave of content coming for players over the course of Summer and the first one is coming sooner then you may have expected.

Here's all we know about New Horizons Wave 1 of Summer Updates!

Release Date

A tweet posted by the official Animal Crossing Twitter account has confirmed to us that Wave 1 of their Summer Updates is going to release on July 3rd, 2020!

They also note that Wave 2 of Summer Updates will release sometime in early August. 



In exchange for scallops, Pascal will give you new Mermaid series DIY recipes.

Mermaid Recipes
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Lastest Screenshots!

  • Diving Screenshots - 25th June

Today we received new diving screenshots from Nintendo.

Diving Animal Crossing
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Diving Animal Crossing
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Diving Animal Crossing
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Diving Animal Crossing
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New Items!

Who doesn't want more things to buy? New items being released into the game is always exciting, here's the latest information on item releases.

  • Marine Suits - June 25th
Marine Suits
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Marine Suits will be available to purchase from Nooks Cranny for 3,000 bells.

New Features!

With any major Animal Crossing update, they are once again pushing the mantle in terms of content. So, Wave 1 of Summer Updates is going to implement a lot of new changes to the game.

You can check out the video of all the changes below, but we will go over each of them as well!

Swimming and Diving!

The first feature showcased during the reveal trailer, players will now be able to swim and dive in and around the ocean on our islands!

Player's will be able to dive for sea creatures and treasures such as Starfish.

Along with encountering new creatures, the trailer also shows the player meeting a new villager in the ocean.

The lovely Sea Otter Pascal can be encountered in the water and we are sure lots of other new villagers will be too.

You will also be able to get DIY recipes from Pascal in exchange for items you find diving. 



New Gulliver Encounters

The back-half of the trailer spotlighted a red-suited Gulliver washed up on the shores of your beach. 

We do not know how this encounter is going to be different, but we are sure there are going to be different reward options for this one!


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