Animal Crossing New Horizons Nintendo Direct: Full Recap, New Features, and Everything We Learned!

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Animal Crossing New Horizons is almost here, the first Animal Crossing game for the Nintendo Switch will be out in exactly one month and fans cannot wait any longer!

With only one month left to the release date; Nintendo has hosted a showcase or Direct of the new game, spotlighting some new features coming to the game. 

Let'ts take a look at the all the details we learned from the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct!

Keep up to date with everything Animal Crossing by watching below!

More Nook Inc Information

At the start of the show we of course got some introduction form our beloved friend Nook; Nook Inc his company is the one sponsoring this whole island getaway concept for New Horizons. One of the features as apart of the Island Getaway is that you can pick the island you reside on!

Whether you want to live on an island in the south or north, it is completely up to you!

They also noted the effects of seasons for New Horizons; depending on the season will affect the type of activities you will get to take part in! 


Craft Workshop

There are some brand new buildings that will be beneficial to you during your playthrough of New Horizons; one of them is run by Tom Nook and is a crafting station workshop. Here, you will be able to craft all kinds of items and they even give you tutorials! 

You will be able to fully customize the color, design and practically whatever features you want in the DIY Craftshop; they note it is crucial you learn some of these skills!.


This is the area where your player will land during the introduction of New Horizons; you will also be able to travel to fellow friends islands and use the internet there as well! Also, it offers an in-game postal service that can be used to interact with other players. 



Nook Inc - Special Service

At the start of the game, Nook Inc will provide some basic items, they will even provide a cell phone with a camera, map, and other apps! 

They will have a daily broadcast from Tom Nook, which will detail all the daily announcements and other noteworthy statements needed for survival on the island!

The Nook Millage program is also a new feature coming to New Horizons; this will reward the player for doing basic tasks throughout the game. We do not know full details of the rewards yet, but we can assume they will only get better the more we play New Horizons! One of the rewards discovered later during the stream was Nook Airline Tickets, where a pilot will fly you to a random island somewhere in the world depending on his mood! 


Other Notable Features

There were some minor details announced during the Direct that fans should take note of New Horizons.

  • There is a chance a castaway will show up somewhere on your island, to rescue them all you have to do is talk to them and they become apart of your island! 
  • You can start the process of building your own house rather than using the tent you start the game with; done by Tom Nook's financing and loan service, you can fully customise the house! 
  • You can create your character from scratch this time, unlike New Leafs infuriating character design that built the protagonist for you, based on a series of questions.
  • On your new NookPhone is an app dedicated to NookMiles, a brand new currency for Animal Crossing: New Horizons and you can get them doing just about anything. (Yes, there are still Bells).
  • There are now ghosts in the game, during night time runs, you'll bump into them. We're not sure whether they're evil or friendly just yet!
  • Unlock NookMile Tickets to visit random islands to gather unique items. 

Nook Link

There will be real-world service via your smartphone for in-game help during New Horizons! This will also be done to implement designs from other Animal Crossing games into New Horizons. Nook Link will be included in the game shortly after the titles March 20th release date.