Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Nature Day Event- How To Unlock Hedges

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Nature Day event is here! It started on April 23rd and will run until May 4th. Here's how to unlock hedges!

Players will have to complete daily nature-themed tasks during the Nature Day event to nab themselves those precious Nook Miles. 


Here are a couple of tasks during the event that will earn you those sweet, sweet Nook Miles:

  • Wear a flower - 150
  • Move a tree - 100
  • Plant a Coconut on the beach - 150
  • Craft a wreath - 300
  • Plant three shrubs - 200
  • Craft a flower crown - 300
  • Plant three bulbs - 200
  • Mail flowers to friends - 200

And it's as easy as that! After completing one of these tasks, simply talk to Tom Nook in Resident Services.

Mr Nook will give you a DIY recipe to craft yourself some lovely hedges. 

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It's worth noting that hedges work exactly like fences.

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