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Animal Crossing New Horizons: How Make Villagers Move Out and Leave

Despite their general appeal, not all Animal Crossing New Horizons villagers are as popular or as likable as each other, and it's entirely possible that you've got a character on your island you want to evict. We'll show you how to get villagers to move out and leave in our guide below.

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How To Get Rid Of Villagers and Make Them Move Out in Animal Crossing New Horizons

The best way to get villagers to leave and move out in Animal Crossing New Horizons is just to flat-out ignore them; do not talk to them or complete requests. Be sure to talk to all other villagers regularly for the next several days. Once you've done this, observe their behaviour and look out for that villager wandering around with a thought bubble above their head. If you see this, talk to them. They may also run up to you, shouting your name.

This means they have a dilemma and will seek advice from you. It won't always be the case, they may have a task or want to teach you something. You will need to be present to either encourage or discourage them from leaving.

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Potentially, you can use an Amiibo card to make a new villager appear at the Campsite and convince them to move in. After satisfying their needs, you can prompt an opportunity for them to take someone's spot.


Does Reporting Villagers Get Them to Leave?

Reporting villagers to Isabelle does NOT help get them evicted or prompt them to move out. This is more of a reset button that will reset their behaviour and clothing. Abusing your fellow villager, by hitting them or running into them, will not get them to move out.

Of course, if you want the best villagers, we've laid out a tier list of popularity so you know which ones are worth more than others in the New Horizons community. Or check out how many villagers you can encounter in New Horizons here!

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