Animal Crossing New Horizons: How to get Golden Slingshot

Animal Crossing New Horizons arrived on the Nintendo Switch March 20th, and with it, came a number of new tools and mechanics.

Tools are some of the most vital components of the Animal Crossing series; it is essentially how you get everything done within your town/village. 

From cutting down trees to fishing for countless hours; you will find yourself using these tools more then you may think.

Of course, you can upgrade these tools at some point during the game; and the final/rarest upgrade is GOLD! 

Let's walk through how to get all your tools golden within Animal Crossing.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How To Find Golden Nuggets

Firstly, you'll need to find Golden Nuggets if you want to get Golden Tools.

Golden Nuggets are easy to come by, but you will need some luck. You'll need to eat some fruit and then hit rocks with your shovel to break them.

If you're looking to preserve rocks on your island, you'll want to use Nook Miles to smash rocks on a deserted island – just to be safe.

They are rare, though, so expect to break plenty of rocks.

Golden Axe

To get this golden beauty you're going to need 100 axes.

As expected, you can stockpile Flimsy or normal axes. Each Flimsy axe costs 5x tree branches and 1x stone.

To get the wood, simply shake the trees. For rocks, look for boulders and make sure to time travel to mystery islands.

Once you've broken 100 axes, you'll get the Golden Axe recipe mailed to you.

Recipe: 1x Axe and 1x Gold Nugget

Golden Net

This one is tough, but with a bit of effort you'll net this beauty.

All you need to do is catch every single bug in your Critterpedia! The thing that makes this tough is that different types of bug appear in difference seasons - so if you want to speed things up, do some time traveling.

Recipe: 1x Net and 1x Gold Nugget

Golden Slingshot - UPDATED! Found out how to do it.

To get the Golden Slingshot recipe you'll need to complete the "It's Raining Treasure" Miles card (300 Balloons shot).

Better get comfortable, you'll need to shoot down loads of balloon - including the seasonal event balloons.We will update this post with additional information as soon as we find it!

Recipe: 1x Slingshot and 1x Gold Nugget

Golden Watering Can

To get this shiny boi, you'll need to get your town to a 5-star rating - which happens once you've upgraded your Resident Services Area.

Just add a load of flora and fauna (and buildings), then go talk to Isabelle who will reevaluate your town.

Recipe: 1x Watering Can and 1x Gold Nugget

Golden Shovel 

To get this, you will need to help Gulliver 30 times.

He'll be washed up on shore randomly, so when you see him run over and wake him up.

He will ask you to find communicator parts, which are found where you dig up clams.

Recipe: 1x Shovel and 1x Gold Nugget



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