Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Pay Off Your First Loan Without Using Bells

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Animal Crossing New Horizons is finally here! One of the most anticipated games of all time for the Nintendo Switch could have not released at a better time for players across the world.

One of the new currencies in New Horizons that you should get familiar with is the new Nook Miles, which is named after the beloved Tom Nook.


When you first load up the game and start your new island, you will have to take out a substantial loan from Tom Nook in order to get started on your village. 

Here's our guide about how to earn Nook Miles fast to pay off this load!

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How To Pay Off Your First Loan Without Using Bells In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

At the beginning of New Horizons, you will need to pay off a 5000 Nook Mile loan, after doing so; this will drastically change up the game for you.


5000 Nook Miles can seem like a daunting task to accomplish so early in the game, but thankfully we have some tips and tricks for you!

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Here are some of the easiest ways to get Nook Miles early on in New Horizons!

  • Make a post on the bulletin board - 300 Miles
  • Take a photo - 300 Miles
  • Edit your passport information - 300 Miles
  • Make a custom design - 500 Miles
  • Use the Nook phone for a bit and you will get this unlocked - 300 Miles
  • Talk to the two other villagers on your island - 300 Miles
  • Sell any item in the Nook store - 300 Miles
  • Sell some fruit to Tom Nook - 300 Miles
  • Clean up the grass by selling Nook some weeds - 500 Miles
  • Figure out some DIY recipes and show them to Tom Nook - 300 Miles 
  • Fish for a bit - 300 Miles
  • Catch some bugs - 300 Miles 
  • Put five items on display in your tent - 300 Miles
  • Place ten items outside - 300 Miles 

These are just some of the ways early on in New Horizons that you are able to earn Nook Miles! Happy hunting!